The Big Move

From Newport to Williamstown North, only seven minutes away!

Most practitioners at The Self Centre (formally known as Newport Hypnotheray, Health & Healing Centre) have been working together for seven to 10 years.

102 North Road has had a rich history over the years which which includes at different times a birthing centre, a dental practice and an art gallery/therapy centre.

When Michele began renting a room in 2005 the centre was called Alysium, and later became Newport Muscular Therapies.

In 2008, after already working at 102 North Road for a few years, the residential side of the building became vacant presenting Michele with an opportunity to secure a quieter more professional working environment for her Clinical hypnotherapy practice. 

The owner had given the walls a coat of paint, so with very limited funds and zero business planning she rented half a house.

The idea to build a small centre for hypnotherapy was always in the back of her mind. In short time Michele expanded her practice and opened as Newport Hypnotherapy Centre.

Everything else is history now. Things fell into place, things fell out of place. There wasn’t time for much thinking, just time for working and putting every cent back in to buying something to make the little centre better and better.

Very soon other practitioners seeking space to work moved in and her practice grew into Newport Hypnotherapy &  Healing Centre. Expanding the name to reflect more modalities joining the centre.

In 2011 a new opportunity arose to take over the original therapy rooms thus creating one big unified centre with nine therapy rooms.

The first thing that needed to happen was the removal of an internal wall that divided the two halves of the building. 

The name got another upgrade as well - we became Newport Hypnotherapy, Health & Healing Centre.

A new sign was made and for the first time, therapists who had been divided by a wall and had never really met decided they could make a go of working together.

At one stage the centre supported 16 practitioners. Some seasoned professionals with their own clientele seeking space to continue and grow their well established business.

And over the years a big part of the practitioner load were therapists of varied modalities and experience. Some were just starting out.

Michele has coached and helped many new practitioners with their advertising and websites over the years, offering space for minimal rent to help them get started as well as sharing her experience and knowledge of good customer service, presentation and an expectation of a strong work ethic and standard.

Some of the practitioners who joined from the other side of the building are still part of what makes up The Self Centre today. In fact six practitioners made the move to our new centre at 2A Akuna Drive.

After finding the right place with every practitioners needs in mind as well as our clients, it was time to focus forward and ready ourselves for the move.

It was a brutally fast move, clearing out nine Therapy rooms and over thirteen years of history. 

Coordinating the packing, cleaning, gardening, endless hours on the phone and writing emails to make sure of timely disconnections and reconnections, changes in Medicare and Medibank practitioner numbers. All within a few days. 

Everything was accomplished with military teamwork. 

The aim of course was to be set up as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to everybody’s practice. And to avoid clients missing their appointments.

First the new carpet went down, and then In between sessions new walls and doors went in to complete new therapy rooms that were previously open plan offices. 

An internal staircase between the ground and first floor was opened allowing the two floors to work as one centre.

With our group of practitioners sharing a vision, holding a wealth of experience and a whole lot of heart, the Self Centre is born. At The Self Centre we have a no nonsense approach to Client - Centred Therapy. 

We practice modalities which are complementary to Traditional Western Medicine, therefore all practitioners  are professional in all areas of their practice and conduct. 

We belong to Professional Associations and work by strict codes of ethics as our Professional associations demand.

We look forward to welcoming you and trust you will feel comfortable and safe in the space and with the services we provide.

When you do visit The Self Centre you will feel you’re in a good place.

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