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Welcome to The Self Centre, Hobsons Bay Complementary Therapies

Welcome to The Self Centre, Hobsons Bay Complementary TherapiesWelcome to The Self Centre, Hobsons Bay Complementary Therapies



Michele is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been practicing professionally since 2002.

Michele has a Diploma of Ego- State Therapy and a Certificate in Somatic Integration Psychotherapy and incorporates aspects of many learned methods of  mind/body modalities including Gestalt, Hakomi, Bioenergetics, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy and Ego State Therapy now called Resource Therapy.

Michele is a Fellow and former Secretary of The Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and dedicated to on going training and updates in accordance within the association's guidelines and requirements. 

Michele is passionate about her work. She works with empathy to help facilitate her clients' desired positive changes, and encourages them to draw on their own natural strengths and resources.

Working one on one, with Hypnotherapy and other psychotherapy tools, to help change out dated coping habits and negative self beliefs.

She has a particular interest in ways we can learn to ease the emotional grip of chronic pain.

From Practitioner to Centre Manager

In December 2008 Michele expanded her practice and opened the Newport Hypnotherapy and Healing Centre with the intention of bringing a network of exceptional therapists together to offer a safe and healing environment to both work in and visit.

In 2013 Michele was given the opportunity to expand  the centre to include the whole premises and an extra four rooms.

In 2018 the premises holding Newport Hypnotherapy, Health & Healing Centre was sold. With the responsibility of all of the current practitioners very much on Michele's mind a new premises was found and The Self Centre was born.

The conscious mind seeks answers to 'why?' The unconscious mind knows why.

'Everyone has within themselves a rich history of experiences which hold all the resources that are needed to firstly understand, and then to heal, and then choose to change .
The subconscious mind stores all of our experiences, and as a hypnotherapist I facilitate as my clients access these resources and find courage to realise their desired positive change.'

Cert.Clin.Hyp. F.A.A.C.H.P.  A.N.H.R.00036
Dip.Resource Therapy, Dip. Ego-StateTherapy, Cert.Somatic Integration Therapy 

ABN 20568944121